The Eye Drop Tool Kit

The loss of strength and dexterity caused by aging can make even the simplest task an uphill battle - not with the Eye DropTool Kit!

With the Eye DropTool Kit, the top is off in seconds and the eye drops are applied with ease and in just the right amount.

Save time having to wait for someone else to open the bottle for you.

Save money on the loss of expensive eye drops by dispensing the perfect amount and tightly sealing the cap with ease.

Opening pill bottles is difficult enough...eye drop bottles become positively impossible without The CapTool!

Add a Second Kit for just $3!

A tool kit that helps remove the seal, loosen the cap, hold the bottle steadily over the eye, dispense the perfect amount of medicine, then tighten the cap again!

Watch These Short Two Minute Videos and See for Yourself!

Simple & Affordable

What People are Saying

Meet Jack

Why Use the Eye Drop Tool Kit?

Easily & Quickly Removes Safety Seal

Open & Close the Cap Tightly Without Any Help

Holds the Bottle Comfortably Over the Eye

One Pinch Dispenses the Perfect Amount

Arthritis Friendly

Designed with arthritis in mind, both the CapTool® and DropTool® help to prevent the pain associated with opening tiny caps and dispensing eye drops.

Creative Design
Easy Grip Handle
Perfect Torque
Pinch Dispenser

Two Tools, One Kit

The CapTool®

The CapTool® features a pointed tip that easily slips under the safety seal. A simple tug breaks and removes the seal with ease. No more fumbling with knives, scissors, or pliers – just slip the CapTool’s® tip under the seal and off it comes!

The CapTool® also has a wrench-like socket with tiny teeth that fits around the cap. Combining the socket with the CapTool’s® sturdy arm means the CapTool® provides grip, leverage and torque, all in one handy device, allowing the cap to be removed with the lightest touch.

The DropTool®

The DropTool® is a clever bottle-squeezing tool that fits snugly around the eye drop bottle and allows you to steadily hold the bottle over your eye at a comfortable angle. Then just the right amount of fluid is dispensed with a slight pinch of the arms. Never too much nor too little, as is often the case when trying to dispense drops by hand. 

For less spillage, less effort, and far greater accuracy, the DropTool® is the ultimate eye drop device.

United States Veteran Designed & Owned

Feel Good Manufacturing

Proudly Made in the United States of America

from Recycled Materials

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Meet Jack - Creator of the Eye Drop Tool Kit

Jack Colgan

“The simpler, the better. It’s easier for the user, and the less complicated something is, the less chance for confusion or failure. I want to make devices that enable and empower with minimal effort – mental or physical.”

What My Wonderful Customers Say

"At last there is an efficient and effective tool to deal with impossible-to-open-with-arthritic-hands eye drop bottles."

"The CapTool is working wonderfully for me."

"I just opened what is usually an impossible bottle of drops with ease."

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Eye Drop Tool Kit Pricing

Single Kit

1 CapTool®

1 DropTool®

1 Band

FREE Shipping in the Continental U.S.

Double Kit

Popular Choice

2 CapTool®

2 DropTool®

2 Band

FREE Shipping in the Continental U.S.

Triple Kit

3 CapTool®

3 DropTool®

3 Band

FREE Shipping in the Continental U.S.

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